I love working with sustainably harvested, earth-friendly materials.  My pillows are an effort to make structurally supportive shapes in an eco-friendly way, that previously has only been done with synthetic materials.  I am also intrigued by the stories of the people who produce incredible fabrics from organic, naturally colored cotton or from long fibered hemp.
     The silk marbling I do comes from a long lineage of secret techniques.  I have added to my repertoire some unusual paint manipulations, and fabric moving motions.  Some of these were discovered during happy accidents.  For me the first step is to walk in nature, giving a careful eye to the colors of the season.  I then mix paints to match the most vibrant colors nature currently has on her palate.  The patterns I choose for the marbling are usually an abstracted form of a natural design, such as a stormy sea or high altitude horsetail clouds.
     The work of bringing the elements of the pillows together entails the joy of touching incredibly beautiful fabrics, and the meditative aspect of attending to repeated fine details.

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